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This Week's Fashion Haul: Stripes, Pleats, and Knots Oh My

I think it's pretty clear to you all that I am a fashion addict. I'm always finding
things to buy. I should quit.. but sometimes when you come across the deals I come across they are pretty hard to pass up. For some reason when I shop I never shop per outfit. You know, go to the mall to find a whole outfit the same day. I always buy pieces and put them together later (sometimes months later) when the timing is right. Most of the time I have no idea why I buy what I do other than the fact that I like it. That's all that matters.. right? o_O Anyway, here is what I copped this week.

Vintage high waist trousers (excuse the wrinkles)- I bid on these via eBay and won them for 8.50. That's right eight dollars and fifty cents. With shipping being at 2.95 it's safe to say I scored an awesome pair of pants for 12.00.

Sparkle and Fade Pleated Chiffon Mini Skirt- Remember the Sparkle and Fade pleated maxi skirt that I got from Urban Outfitters a few months back that was all of the rave?

Turns out they had a shorter version for sale as well. I watched it for a while and decided I wanted the red one. As usual when I decide I want something the shit is either not in my size or sold out completely. This was the case with this skirt. BOOO. (Hence the reason I am an impulse shopper. When I see it I buy it.. end of story. Makes sense right o_O..)

One day I just so happened to be browsing eBay and viola there it was size small for 19.00 and brand new! I bid, won, and now I have it. Total cost with shipping was 22.60. The retail price on this skirt is 49.00. I must say I'm pretty excited about having it. This one is just as pretty as the maxi version. They still have a few left in red and mint green on UO (Urban Outfitters) and they are on sale for 19.99.. CLICK HERE ---->>> BUY SKIRT <<<----to purchase. They also have it in black and in all sizes for 39.00 CLICK HERE ---->>> BLACK VERSION <<<----
Vertical striped sleeveless high low button down- I went to Forever 21 with the intention of finding a shirt JUST like this. I thought about hanging out and decided I would either wear it with the above listed skirt or some faux leather leggings. This cost me 17.80. (never went out tho .. shit, I'm here typing this lol) .. I found the link for a shirt very similar to this one for the same price on Click here --->>> BUY SHIRT <<<---- to purchase (If you can't find it at the store.. or don't feel like going lol)
Mini dress with knotted front- Aside from red and pink, royal blue is my favorite color. As I was in F21 purchasing the striped blouse. I ran across this dress. Mind you, I was ONLY supposed to be buying the shirt. But at 13.80 and 100% cotton who can turn down this super fly piece? I was about to put it back at the register and the cashier was like "OMG, this is SO cute.. you're really going to put this back!?!".. she didn't need to say anymore I told her to ring it up. (My financial advisor is going to kill me lol) Unfortunately this dress is sold out online but they have a super cute geo print one for 1.00 more. CLICK HERE --->>> GEO DRESS <<<---- to browse. It's made exactly like this one.
Asymmetrical Boomerang Necklace- True story, this necklace is on my wish list on I didn't buy it because I wasn't sure how it would look in person. After I picked up the dress (I had no business buying).. I also saw this necklace, another item I should not have bought. Fuck it. As soon as I saw it there was no question as to get it or not. THIS NECKLACE IS DOPE. It was meant for me to see it in person.. I'm almost certain o_O.  I love chunky necklaces so this is an awesome one to add to my collection. I love the link of the necklace. Guess what? If you can't find it at your local F21 I have the link right here --->>> BUY NECKLACE <<<----- for you to purchase it for yourself!! For 12.80 it's definitely worth it. I approve it.
This week I didn't break the bank too bad with a total of 81.24 spent. Five pieces for under 100.00 is amazing. Each of these items can be worn several times and different ways. Notice I mixed vintage, pricey (originally), and cheap finds together. Don't think you have to spend hundreds on a look for it to look good. Mix and match your closet. It's okay.. I promise. Also, don't be afraid to utilize eBay. They have tons of things that are not only unique, but sometimes they have items (like my skirt) that are sold out. It's sorta like the thrift shop.. you never know what you will find.  
Which is your favorite item? What deals did you find this week?
Making my dreams come true,


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