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The New Gladiator Sandal: Yay or Nay?

A few years ago gladiator sandals took the fashion scene by storm. They received mixed reviews. Well, someone has decided to revive this old trend by extending the shaft. Is it a boot is it a sandal? I don't know what the hell it is... and I'm not quite sure how I feel about them. I did a little research to find celebs and other fashionistas who were rocking this trend. Here is what I found..

In a way I like them... but hmmmmm I just don't know. It's obvious these are for the summer, to be worn with dresses and shorts. I couldn't imagine someone doing pants o_O. I could see them being worn how Kourtney Kardashian has them with a nice summer dress and over sized handbag. I could even see them maybe being worn with a M spilt maxi skirt or dress (double split).  I'm going to have to go to the drawing board with this trend and decide how I feel about it.

Anyway, I did a little shopping around and found some deals online just in case you are interested. I was able find every pair for under $50.00

1. Ecote Tall Caged Sandal - Urban Outfitters 
2. Ecote Double Strap Tall Caged Sanadal - Urban Outfitters
3. Ecote Tall Cone- Stud Caged Sandal - Urban Outfitters
4. Black Faux Leather Gladiator Sandals- Pink Basis
5. Teardrop Faux Suede Gladiator Sandals - Go Jane
6. Strappy Gladiator Strappy Gladiator Sandals - Go Jane

I am very curious to know how you all feel about these shoes. I am going to have to say I am leaning more towards nay myself. But not totally. They really aren't doing much for me. Which sort of intrigues me to not be totally cold to them. What do you think about this fashion trend? Do you already own a pair? If you did wear them how you would you rock them?

Making my dreams come true,

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