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A lot of people don't know this but I have been single for almost five months. Was in a serious relationship that didn't work. That's here nor there.. but yes I'm single. In the last few months I have come across a lot of.. let's just say.. different spirits and individuals. Characters to be exact. o_O. The single life is funny.

Call me crazy, but one of my biggest fears is a guy sending me a picture of his um, *cough* *cough*.. penis. lol. I can't tell you how many times I have been texting or doing something in my phone and a random picture of a dick comes through. Dude, it seriously creeps me out... especially if I don't know you in that manner nor have I been intimate with you. Really? So anyway I would like to tell you a quick story of a guy named.. we will just call him "Joe" to protect the non-innocent innocent.

*takes deeps breathe to talk fast* (Ace Ventura Style)

Met Joe a few months ago thought he was cool. Never went on a date with Joe, just spoke to him a few times on the phone and texted him. He turned out to be blah blah (my term for boring) decided to quit talking to Joe. Joe didn't realize I didn't want to speak with him and/or doesn't care. So Joe hit me with the "whats up" text every few days.. no response. Joe called me a time or two.. no answer/no response. Joe then sends me the first picture.. himself in nothing but some Polo draws (yes draws)... no response. Joe kept sending the "what's going on" texts... no response. Hadn't heard from Joe in a few weeks so I figured he was done and last night BAM!!.*Slows down*..... Joe sends me a pic of his body as naked as the day he was born.. John at full extension complimented with nappy pube hair. O.M.G... no response... to him. What do I do? Forward the screen shot to my best friend of course.. we emoji'd the hell out of the text exchange about him.. Crying tears and monkeys covering their eyes included. My life, #singleproblems.

Making my dreams come true,

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