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You never know what is going on behind the scenes of a photo shoot.. How funny is this picture? I had a head shot photo shoot some months back. The studio (Bubble Wrap Studio) that we were at takes random pictures of the stylists and photographers working.. Here are two shots I found of myself in action.. well um sorta. *cheeses*

Looking rough af. lol

Here are the final shots of that particular look.

*Model: Thea Ny, Photographer: Klara Cut, Studio: Bubble Wrap, Jewelry: Borrowed from Dainty Treasures Jacksonville, Fl*

I really want to get back into doing more photo shoots. I've been slacking. They are so fun and allow me to express my creativity. If you have a photo shoot and need a stylist give your girl a shout. I'm ready. Also if you are a photographer who is interested in a studio to rent to make your pictures come alive use Bubble Wrap Studio. Visit their website at or simply call them 904-688-8989. The studio offers backdrops, lighting, and all types of photography equipment. Whether you are a novice or intermediate photographer they can help. 

Making my dreams come true,

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