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My First Time..

I remember this like yesterday. My first photo shoot ever. It was with photographer Blue Franswa and I was super nervous and intimidated! For one I had never actually dressed anyone before (professionally) and two Blue is kind of a local celebrity here in Jacksonville lol. I didn't know if I had what it took to meet his approval. The guy does dope work, seriously. Anyway we did several looks for two models and I saw two of the final cut pictures. Yesterday he posted this, and my heart melted. The model was absolutely gorgeous and I'm actually a little proud of my work (I'm my biggest critic and VERY hard on myself)... Anyway here are the pics. I say this often.. I don't ever think I will not be in awe of seeing someone wearing something I put together. I love styling people.

This photo shoot is nothing compared to the work Blue displays. If you are interested in booking a photo shoot with the awesome Blue Franswa (and myself) you can book him through his website at or find him on facebook this will also give you a chance to see his photography portfolio. OR you can simply fill out a contact from (under contact) on my page and I can put you in contact with him. Allow us to make you look great. 

Making my dreams come true,

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