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"Maturing It Up" Wish List: Body- Con, Peg Pants, and Tupac??

It's been a while since I have done a wish list of the items that currently have my eye on. True story, I cleaned out my drawers and closet this week. First reason I had a lot of outdated items that just needed to go, I wasn't wearing them, and probably won't again. No sense in holding on to them while they take up space..[need room for new stuff lol] Second reason I have decided to slightly revamp my own personal style. I'm not sure exactly what look I am going for, but I am getting back to wearing heels for sure. lol.. Chucks have taken over my life! I'm getting older and I want to mature my look a bit. I have decided I want to do slimmer cuts and sexy dresses as well. What better way to do this than shopping ASOS. They are a UK site that offers high end fashion pieces. Their prices range from medium to high cost wise though. But def quality staple pieces to add to your collection. They do offer sales constantly so do be afraid. Also shipping is FREE on any order. how you like that!?! Enough blabbing on with the list..

1. Gray Peg Pants - Asos
2. Midi Body-con Dress- Asos
3. Suede Sandal w/ Ankle Strap- Zara
4. Sparkle & Fade Pleated Faux Leather Pants- Urban Outfitters
5. Tupac Trust Nobody Tee - Urban Outfitters
6. Dell X UO Trek Shorts- Urban Outfitters

The peg pant. Are they sweat pants are they pleated pants.The answer is YES they are both! I have been wanting to get my hands on some of these for a while now. They have a slim fit but are yet baggy. Gives you sort of a sexy boyish look. The body con dress.. Although I despise people who have a closet full of these it's okay to own one here and there. And if you're going to own one it damn sure should be HAWT. This one is fiiiiiire. As of lately I have become obsessed with the single heel shoe.. my favorite color is red so these will be a perfect staple to set off my "more mature" wardrobe. I have almost every type or leather/faux leather bottom possible. However, I don't have a pleated looser fitting pair. They are currently on sale for 39.99 and almost sold out :( . Needless to say mine are in the mail right now. Ha! Tupac shirt? Yes, it's a guy's tshirt, so what!?  I told myself I was going to slow down on copping graphic tees unless it was hard. This tshirt goes hard. Period. How wild are these shorts? I love the color variation and the cut of them. I can see me wearing a loos fitting white button down blouse, the red Zara heels, and a double chunky chain necklace with these.

My personal favorite are the Red Zara Heels the Tupac tee is second. Which is your favorite? I want know.

Making my dreams come true,

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