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It's called LIFE.. Memorial Day Weekend Saturday.

No matter how many pairs of jeans and shorts I wear there is nothing like putting on a dress and being pretty. This Saturday that's exactly what I did. It was Memorial Day weekend and every year here in Jacksonville, the city hosts a downtown wide Jazz Festival that expands for blocks and has four stages. It is a free for all event and is really a beautiful way to bring the city together for love, culture, and good times. It was hot as the Devil's lair so I knew two things.. 1 I wanted to wear a dress, and 2 I wasn't wearing sandals. lol weird right? Here is what I wore..

Sweetheart Bustier Dress - Mossimo (Target)
Denim Ethnic Print Cross body Bag - Mossimo (Target)
Studded Cowboy Boots- Zara

That's right this cute little number came from Target for 24.99 It comes in four different variations and you can buy it offline by clicking here --->>> BUY DRESS<<<---- you can also see if they have it in stock at your local  store via the website as well.

My ethnic print cross body came from Target as well for 19.99 you can purchase too by clicking here --->>> BUY PURSE<<<--- if you rather see it in person check to see if it's at your local store.

Like I said I knew I didn't want to wear sandals (too much walking around) and I wanted to lay off the sneaks for a few days, heels were totally out of the question. So I went with boots. I accessorized with stud earrings, a side cross necklace, and random piled on bracelets complimented with a men's wear watch. I guess you can say my style was a little Boho Chic.

Enough of that, let's get to the fun part.. the festival. I met up with my sister and a good friend of mine and we were off! I can honestly say I haven't had that much fun in a while and that's saying a lot because I have fun all the time lol. Seriously the city felt magical. We started off at the main stage while Rochelle Ferrell was performing. That women is simply amazing. Next stop, The Landing to hear the "Kats Downstairs" perform. Eventually we walked around heard music coming from everywhere, smelled wonderful aromas, and  saw joy in every one's eyes. Of course my fat ass ate too lol.

We stopped to the Verizon Wireless station where they had a live DJ playing nothing but DOPE music.. I mean everything. He had a mix of current beats, along with 80s and 90s too. We did everything from the "wobble " to the "Electric slide". The stage had a phone charging station... how freaking cool was that?! Needless to say I plugged in while dancing. Damn the iphone 5 and it's battery life lol.

We pretty much ended the night there.. well the Jazz Festival portion anyway. Next my friend and I slid over to Mark's which is a club downtown. So upscale and the DJ.... OMG!!!! He was everything to me.. okay!? E-v-e-r-y-thiiiiiing! He played music I had not heard in over 5 years and mixed it perfectly with current songs. He played everything from Black Eyed Peas to Young Jeezy.... I mean EVERYTHING. I later learned he was DJ Shotgun, he DEF gets a thumbs up from me. I ended up intoxicated , my hair was sweated out, and I danced like it was my last night alive.

I didn't go out of town to Puerto Rico, Vegas, or Miami for Memorial Day weekend... and I really don't care. Life for me was happening right in the heart of the city right on that dance floor in Mark's. I wouldn't have had it any other way. I love life!

If you have never gone to Mark's you should.. they are located at 315 E bay St. Here's the website so you can get Intel about the club and look at pictures to see what they are all about.

Making my dreams come true,

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