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You guys know me, always finding something to get into. A friend of mine [Justy] told me she had tickets to see her all time favorite band and asked me if I wanted to come... for free. Hell yeah, lol. Her band is Alkaline Trio and they were playing at The Florida Theater in Gainesville, Florida. I went to work that day with nothing but getting off on my mind. I had never heard their music but was excited to go. FYI I LOVE punk rock music so they could've sounded like garbage, as long as they had a sick drummer and guitarist I was in.
She told me she would pick me up at 7pm SHARP.. and let me tell you some thing baby, white people (my friend is white) don't play about that sharp shit. She was there at 6:55 pm. Of course my ass was scurrying to shower, fix my hair, and put on clothes. Cut me some slack I got off work at 630..
Anyway, Here's what I wore...

Tupac vs Biggie Muscle Shirt (Urban Outfitters) , Faux Leather Panel Leggings (B.D.G/ Urban Outfitters), Denim Vest (gap), Black and White All Stars (Converse), Red Snakeskin Chain Shoulder Bag (Badgley Mischka). My favorite vintage necklace and Michael Kors Menswear Watch.
Let me just put it out that I LOOOOVE my shirt. I've had it since March and I've been waiting on the perfect time to rock it, and what better time than a rock concert?

Anyway after a quick stop to Jimmy Johns for dinner, (I paid.. hey, it was the least I could do). We hopped on the road. I had to warn my dear friend Justy about the police in Starke, Lawtey, and Waldo because she was rushing to get there and she obviously didn't know about their "strict speeding enforcement" lol..

Side story: I had not charged my phone all day and it had only sat on the charger for 20 mins while I was rushing to get ready. I was thinking "Hmmm Justy will have an outlet and I will bring my charger and charge it then".. WRONG. Her freaking ACV plug didn't work .. period. I kept wiggling the shit out of my charger only to realize there was a penny in the outlet. At this point my phone was at 27%. So what do I do? Out of pure desperation, I grab a pin out of my hair and start trying to pry the penny out. After about 20 minutes or so I eventually got it out.. only for the outlet to STILL NOT WORK!!! aaargh! By the time we got there my phone was at 7%.. I took my charger in the club to see if I could find an outlet or if one of the bartenders would allow me to charge. To much dismay the first bartender was a cunt, the guy selling t-shirts was a dick, and the last bartender was my damsel in distress. Not only did she allow me to charge my phone, she kept guard, and made a hell of a whiskey ginger. Needless to say I continued to use her and tipped her fairly well for her efforts.

Anyway, back to the story.. after what seemed like 15 minutes [my phone charging tirade really helped with the trip time] we made it..

Second opening act "Bayside" setting up

T shirt stand and the guy who was a dick about me using the outlet lol..


I bought stickers as memorabilia

Covered in tats..

Alkaline Trio!!

I have to say I really enjoyed the band.. I don't know wtf they were saying but I was vibing hard and the crown was totally hype. The band is composed of three artist.. two of them are singers and guitarists and the third strictly plays the drums. They were bad ass.. So much energy in the room. I can see why Justy loves them so much. I will definitely have to download some of their music to my ipod.

On the way home I fell asleep, I woke up in the parking lot of a gas station in the car alone. I had been drinking and just knew it was over for me. I literally woke up like WTF!! I sat up and looked around, turns out Justy had stopped to get gas... but being a good white friend that she is she actually locked the doors to keep me safe from any predators that may have been lurking in the parking lot. lmaoooo...

If you have never heard of Alkaline Trio check out their website, be enlightened and support! Skipping town for a few hours to hear a new band wasn't too shabby for a Thursday night. I love my life!!

Making my dreams come true,

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