Fashion Blogger... or Whatever


I wear my son's shirts when he ain't home and he don't even know it. Lol. No seriously I wore my child's shirt as a part of my OOTN Sunday.

Neon graphic print tee tied to the side. (H&M), Destroyed vintage high waist denim shorts (Bill Blass), Black and white All Stars (Converse), Gunmetal chunky chain necklace (Forever 21)

First of all when I bought my son this "Cali" shirt I said "damn, I wish it came in my size".. I went to his closet and said wait, this IS my size lol. *shrug* So, there you have it. Don't worry I will have it washed and hanging back up in it's rightful place before he realizes it was missing. Perfect outfit for a chill night at my favorite places on the beach.

Making my dreams come true,


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