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Hello.. Again.

I am very nervous right now, but eff it here goes.. *clears throat*

A lot of people who don't know me probably wonder "Who runs Doll Shoppe??".. *Looks around and raises hand and talks in baby voice* Well, I do. My name is Ashley Tamarra, pleased to meet you. Some call me Ash, others boogie. Take your pick. I answer to all three.

For the longest time I have been battling with whether or not I wanted to expose myself (to everyone) as the girl who runs Doll Shoppe. For one, I'm sort of bashful when it comes to strangers (but once I know you... whew lol). Second,  I am very hard on myself when it comes to the work that I do. Some people say I'm dope or unique.  A lot of times I'm like "me?... really? Thanks!". Now, in no way do I have low self esteem.. it's just really hard for me to believe that people find me THAT interesting. Hell, I am just myself. Third, I know people tend to form opinions about what you do and how you do it. You know, have negative shit to say. But, then and again I ultimately don't give a fuck which is why we are here today. 

My friends and family have known about my journey for quite a while now so shit, why not tell everyone else. I am a 28 year old single mother, owner of, an aspiring fashion stylist, and blogger. My love for fashion is a small part of the reason my heart pumps daily...(yeah, it's that serious). I have made the decision to inform you all of who I am. Now you can actually understand my passion for what I do and get a personality behind the Instagram/ Tumblr/ Facebook pictures and random tweets that go up every few days for Doll Shoppe. I am young (er, sort of), silly, beautiful, determined, and a super bad ass (or so I've been told). Here's your chance to get into my head and life a little.

I shop, I give advice, I fuck up sometimes, I drink, cuss, try new things, run a business, raise a child, chase my dreams, love my family, cherish my friends, remain humble, talk trash, have issues, I'm single, and God only knows what else. You can know too.. just follow, read, and enjoy...or not.

In all honesty I'm just a normal girl who will (<-- notice the emphasis) make it. I refuse to believe that "I" have to have a "career" that is derived from spending years in college. I'm thinking outside of the box and actually allowing my passion lead me down the road of success. For all you new comers who have decided to follow my journey I want to welcome you with open arms. I hope that my story/ life/ thoughts/ challenges inspire you in some way. Ask me questions, send me emails, comment on my posts I promise I don't bite :)

Making my dreams come true,

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