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Fuck You Hurt..

You read the title correctly. FUCK hurt. A few days ago I was in my feelings about a situation that happened to me a while ago. I had a long conversation with a good friend of mine about it and she talked me through it. The talk was therapeutic but I still felt.. empty. I filed my feelings away in my mental cabinet, went on with my day, and eventually got out of my feelings.

Anyway, a while ago I told you all about this beautiful blog sit called "The Daily Love".. It was founded by Mastin Kipp. He allows people to post nothing short of love and positivity on the site. He gives you the option to receive a daily message from him. A lot of the times I tend to overlook them. And this message was no different. I just so happened to be checking my emails (the day after I had my emotional setback)and saw the title "Bye Bye Past Trauma and Hurt".. and became intrigued. I clicked and I literally had tears come to my eyes. It was as if he was speaking directly to me and help me pushed further through how I was feeling that previous day. Here is what the passage read..

I am not broken. I have grown stronger and am learning from the experience. I refuse to be a victim to what happened to me. I take full responsibility to what happened and take partial blame in the events that lead up to me feeling the way I felt. Although certain events happened, they do not define me. I am so much more than my past and the trauma I have experienced. You are too.
We all have things that happen to us that are fucked up. NO ONE is exempt. I was once told it's not what happens it how you recover from it. You can either be a victim or a survivor. The choice IS YOURS. I felt so good after reading the email I decided to share it with you all. If you are interested in receiving "Daily Love" from Mastin you can subscribe via his website at If you have an open mind you will appreciate it or if you want to have a more open mind this is a good start. You're Welcome.

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