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I was searching Instagram and came across a post displaying these boots.

Luckily the doll who posted her purchase @'d Tony Bianco as being the supplier of this monster shoe. Anyway, anytime I see haute fashion I do my best to find out where it can be purchased and for how much. Turns out these smoking babies are on and are called "Ariette" they are 419.00 usd
A little more about the shoes.. they were featured in the Alex Perry runway show at 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. They were all of the rave! They are suede, thigh high (obvious), and lace up completely in the front (again.. obvious), and feature a back zipper. They come in black and or blush and are made to order. How often do the EXACT shoes come from the runway become available to the public? By the time most fashion leaves the runway it is either altered and/or looks so wacky and crazy expensive no one who is a normal person can afford it without breaking the bank or spending their life savings. (Or would wear it for that matter)

I effing LOOOVE them. I personally like the black pair more. I so want to invest but I have 2 issues. One, I'm not sure how they would look on my legs because I'm only 5'2 and thick in the thighs.. and two they are made to order with no returns. So basically, um, you better ensure they fit before ordering, because once you submit "purchase" they are yours. Is it wrong that I don't care about home much they cost?? Decisions,decisions.. What do you think about these boots? Would you make a 400.00 investment on them?

Making my dreams come true,

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