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Dressing From My Closet: Chucks, Denim, and Legs

This past weekend was lovely I must say.. full of sunshine and things to do. Here's a few selfies of  what I wore.. keep in mind every one of these looks were actually formed from old pieces I found hanging around my closet.

1. Early  Saturday: Shopping for a client.. Lime Green Basic Tee tied in a knot (H&M), High Waist Acid Wash Jeans (B.D.G/Urban Outfitters), Navy Blue All Stars (Converse), Vintage leather belt, Vintage bucket bag (my new fav), multi color headband tied and knotted as a headband.

2. Saturday Evening: Tailgating and Beach House Party With Friends And Family.. Tribal Print shoulder tie romper (Miley Cyrus), Black and White All Stars (Converse), Vintage bucket bag.

3. Sunday: Mother's Day/ Bar hopping at the beach... Bleached Denim Peplum Dress (Asos), Navy Blue Chucks, Chunky Silver Necklace.

Saturday I woke up with no idea as to what I wanted to wear. I literally threw this look together. I wanted to be cute yet comfortable because personal shopping can take a lot of time, comfort is key. I've had the basic tee forever, I decided to put a tie in it to give it more of a fitted look. These acid wash jeans were bought a few months ago and are loved dearly. I've owned the chucks for over a year now.. This is one of my favorite scarfs I wear it around my neck most of the time but decided to remix it as an hair accessory.

The sun was beaming down and the evening was warm. I was invited to a tailgate and a party at a beach house afterward. Again, I had no idea what I wanted to wear.. I just knew I was going to be outside for a substantial amount of time and didn't want to be hot. I was rummaging through my closet and came across the tribal print romper. Funny thing is I bought it from Plato's closet over a year ago for 6.00 and never wore it. I mean, the tag was still on it. (told you I buy things just because). I had just purchased my black and white chucks this week. I figured a romper with sneakers was a perfect way to be sexy and comfortable at the same time.

Sunday I had the same dilemma (no idea what to wear).. it was super hot again and I just wanted to be cute. I dug this dress from the closet grave yard. I bought this dress from over 2 years ago and wore it once with heels. I decided to switch it up and rock it with sneakers and a statement necklace. Totally appropriate for beach bar hopping.

Again, with the exception of my black and white chucks, every one of my outfits shown were old pieces put to new use. You never know what kind of looks you already own. Instead of shopping for new things, try dressing from your closet from time to time. It allows you to be creative,  fly, and you can save tons of money. Who says you have to hit the mall every time you have some where to be? What looks can you come up with from your closet?

Making my dreams come true,

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