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Top Picks This Week At www.LoveDollShoppe.Com

We love everything we sell on my online shoppe of course (if I didn't I wouldn't pick it).. but I want to show you my favorites from this week's new arrivals. As of today all of these uber cute items are up for grabs.. 

Dawn- 18.00
Vintage 90s Multi- Color Tunic
Talk about wild n crazy, that's the only thing that comes to mind when we picked out this oh so colorful blouse. Dare to be different. It's fun!

Mona- 22.00
Vintage 80s Floral Print Cropped Blazer
Words can't express how much we adore this frock. It's just perfect. From us to you. Told you words couldn't express.

Wilma- 20.00
Vintage 90s Color Block Straw Handbag
Color block is still a hot trend and straw handbags are in season. We felt this was the best of both worlds from us to you..
 Louise- 10.00
Vintage 80's Ball and Chain Necklace
We Don't mean to be blunt but this necklace is exactly what the title say.. Balls and Chain. Can be worn super long or double it up for a layered look. I mean, you have 28 inches.. do what you wish with them.
Chase- 14.00
Glitter and Pleated Over Sized Scarf
Allow yourself to indulge in the best of three worlds, scarves, pleating, and glitter. It doesn't get much better than this.

Madeline- 20.00
Boho-Style Studded Sandals
Feel like being pretty and boho- chic? These sandals are perfect for accomplishing this look! We just LOVE the color and the gold studs top the look off just right.

We have a wide selection of new, used, and vintage items just like these all for 30.00 or less. You Can find these items and many more. Let's play dress up!

Making my dreams come true,