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Speak No, Hear no, See no.. Negative

I want to let you all in on a little secret about me and I want you to read this very carefully. You ready?? I don't give a damn... about 95% of the time. Wow you say?.. yeah, that's me. Not giving a damn about a lot of things has gotten me through life. It actually saved me on many occasions. Let tell you a little story as to why..

Summer of 2001 age 16, I discovered I was pregnant with my first (and only) child. It was my 10th grade summer just before I began the 11th grade. EVERYONE had negative thoughts and comments about me having a baby.  I was too young, "it" would ruin my life, I couldn't take care of myself. They all were valid points... but, I didn't give a damn. I went on and had a son. He turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Now let me put it out there that I in no way condone babies having babies. However, in my case I refused to be the stereotype. Having him made me mature quickly and actually have goals in life. It made me stronger and one of the main reasons I go as hard as I do today. Who knows where I would have been had I gave a damn what people thought and said.
Fast forward to the age of 20. I was working at a call center job (that I hated by the way) making little to no money. I had been "actively looking" for a job for what seemed like an eternity. I came across a job as a 911 operator and EVERYONE I told about it had something negative to say. I mean everyone. "It's gonna be hard" "you're gonna hate it".. "what about working weekends?". I didn't listen and went on to get the job. The offer allowed me to do so much with my life at a young age. Just to name a few.. my son and I have been able to take great trips, I was able to purchase my first home, a brand new vehicle, and I am able to take care of myself without bothering my family. OH! and I can shooooop duuuuuh. LOL! Now, what if I had listened to all those people? (who haven't done 1/4 of the things I just named) Where would I have been?

Let's bump this story up to four years later. I came to the realization I did not want to be employed by anyone other than myself (one day). I just didn't know what I wanted to do. I knew what I was good at, which was being creative and fashion. I tried everything from sewing tote bags, to thinking of being an interior designer, to even enrolling in school to be a fashion designer. None of it quite felt right. To be completely honest I felt like my life had reached a dead end. I started Doll Shoppe with the sole intention of earning income to support myself and become financially independently. People started whispering about it, I even had someone tell me flat out selling clothes was a "dumb idea" and that "everyone was doing it". I didn't give a damn.. I started posting things on eBay here and there. I really don't need to go into details, but here I am today. I am writing this blog, style people, and run an independent website (along with an eBay and etsy store). Even to this day I still get occasional negative feedback. no in no way am I where I want to be but, the point is I didn't give a damn about what people thought and the seeds I planted are beginning to blossom.

I don't really put people in my business, but I am here to let you all know. Doll Shoppe is going to make it big enough for me to be self employed. Period. Sounds crazy huh? I don't give a damn. I have set an intention to be great. I have the passion, the heart, and drive to make my dream come true. It's no coincidence that every one of my blogs end with "making my dreams come true". This is exactly what I have been doing and will continue to do.

For all you out there reading this who have an idea or want to do something.. NEVER let anyone destroy your dreams with their nightmares. Stop giving a damn about someones thoughts, believe in yourself, and watch how far you will go. Speak no negative, hear no negative, see no negative.

Making my dreams come true,