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Smile Super Bitch.. Smile.

So, Saturday I felt EXTREMELY annoyed. Like, super bitch. Let me pause this story for one second and declare a few things. My name is Ashley and I am easily aggravated, I really feel bitchy every other day, if not every two days. Anything can set me off. My mom often questions if I should be checked for being bipolar, lol. I know this is not good. I promise I am working on this, please pray for me. Anyway *presses play*. Very annoyed yesterday. It's like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, which was at 5:30 am (Saturday work days) UGH. Came to work and didn't feel like being messed up with anyone, every time someone called my name I got extremely annoyed. I even snapped on a lady on the phone.. oops. lol. I literraly felt like snatching my braids out or slapping someone.

Seemed like the longest day EVER. During my work day a good "guy friend" (smiles) of mine was texting me asking me what I wanted to do after work. Long story short I told him I just wanted to eat and go to bed. I told him I was feeling Japanese, he didn't want that... I snapped. "Well, fuck it... I will take myself" LOL!! That's how I can be. I'm surprise he still wanted to take me at this point. Anyway, he conformed and took my "cry baby ass" to Wasabi to dine. By the time we got there I was STARVING. When I starve I become more of a bitch. We had a 30 minute wait time, which wasn't surprising. (Wasabi is like an amusement park restaurant style) arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg!!! While we were waiting we saw the funniest thing...

Yes, that is exactly what it appears to be. I don't know what was funnier, the man with the penis straw or us taking turns using my phone trying to get the best shot and be descreet. We secretly CLOWNED this guy amongst other things. (Can't take niggas no where) We were eventually seated and got our soup and salad. I started eating like a starving talking, no breaks. My date started picking on me saying how I acted as if I was picked up on the corner as a homeless person. He bought me clothes bathed me, and brought me to dinner...I was his charity case. We laughed the entire time and my food was delicious. Before I knew it I was out of my bitch mode and back to being Ash. My date truly irritates the shit out of me but he makes me equally happy. I think he feels the same way.

Point of my story is.. your smile could be someones reason to smile. Vice versa. There's always a silver lining to a cloud. Sometimes it takes for someone to help you find it. Even when you're not expecting them to. Who has made you smile lately?

Making my dreams come true,