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Sequin Leggins and... moto boots? Movie Date OOTN

Sunday night. I had to work the entire weekend, so after a long two days I wanted to chill out. I saw the new Tom Cruise movie Oblivion debuted this past Friday and decided I would hang with my "guy friend" (smiles) to watch it. The weather was simply yucky (rainy and cold) So I wanted to wear something ... Something hell I don't know I wore this

Olive green cargo jacket (J crew), striped quarter sleeve shirt (had forever), sequin leggings (B.B. Dakota), moto boots (Forever 21), I can never just be matchy matchy so I completed the outfit with my staple red snake skin chain bag (Badgley Mischka), I threw on my favorite cross trio necklace set (Forever 21) with a few bangles to accessorize.  Honestly, when it comes to my look I pulled this one out of the closet... literally. Sometimes I wear things just because they feel right I don't give a darn who gets it or not.. I am oblivious to one's thoughts about my individuality/style ummm like 100% of the time. I tell people this all the time if it looks and feel right to you.. do it. Now, let's not get off what I'm here to talk about...

We stopped for dinner at this popular spot in town near the Beaches called Taco Lou Baja Mexicana. They serve EXCELLENT gourmet style tacos at a super cheap price. No Moe's here! This was my first time visiting so I really had no idea what to order. I had decided I would try the Bangin Shrimp taco and the 10$ taco ( It really isn't 10 bucks.. but they named it that because it should be). However, I always ask my waiter what they would recommend. To my surprise "Lindsey" said the exact two I already had in mind. (Love when that happens) My date had the cheeseburger taco.. So damn good. Of course my fat butt offered him both of mine so I could sample his entree.. ha! Oh, and the Sangria, THUMBS UP!  Anyway, the restaurant is set up so damn pretty decorated with Spanish skeletons, ceiling lights, and Mediterranean tile. If you want to try some cheap good south of the border cuisine, I would definitely recommend this spot. They are located after the inter coastal way bridge at 1712 Beach Blvd right next door to Adventure Landing. Visit their website

Next we scurried down the street to the Beach Blvd Regal Cinema. The movie Oblivion was sort of a scifi flick not really my taste but I LOVE Tom Cruise. It kept my attention, gave me a good bit of confusion, and had just enough mystery and action to keep me on the edge of my seat. I'm not going to spoil the movie for you all but I will say it was cool. What I will tell you is to stay the hell away from the Regal on beach.. They have to have what are the most UNCOMFORTABLE SEATS in the world!! I kid you not, I shifted thirty times and was practically laid out with my feet over the top of the other seat at one point. My ass was on fire lol... That's here nor there. Eat at Taco Lou and go see Oblivion.

Making my dreams come true,