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Orsay You Say??

Easter Sunday. A day of rest,  family, and of course fun. I started mine off with what has had to be one of the most absolutely delicious ways possible. BRUNCH. A good friend of mine who is a chef invited me to have it with him and his restaurant family. They chose a spot called Orsay. It's located at 3630 Park St here in Jacksonville. Their genre is French fusion cuisine. The place is lovely and the food is absolutely superb.

Before we begin let's talk about my outfit of the day.

Black maxi dress (Forever 21, thrifted from Plato's Closet), Leopard print wooden platforms (Jeffery Campbell), Menswear fedora (Forever 21), I accessorized with a few mixed bangles, vintage watch, and pyramid stud earrings.

Now, the good part the food.. *Sigh*

Mimosa of course

friends till the end

My son and I

 Next we had a mini Easter egg hunt for the children..

Auntie baby

 Now, after all the mayhem of eating and egg hunting (tough right?) I needed a damn nap, lol. When I woke up I felt refreshed and wanted more to do. My sister and I decided to ride out to the beach for drinks and laughs.. Of course I changed clothes... and hair.

First Stop was Off The Hook Bar n Grille Located on Jax Beach, address 331 N 1st st.  

Brad the bartender is super cool and makes a hell of a drink! He actually introduced me to my beach drink "Cherry Limeade".. go there and have him make you one you will be IN LOVE.

phuck your Jordans :)

 Next it was time for music and dance. Now, folks I am only going to say this once. Sunday Funday at The Pier Cantina and Sandbar located at 412 1st st N Jax Beach is THEE SHIT. The best part other than the fun energy and drinks, is the local band that plays every Sunday during the spring and summer months Split Tone. This guys are absolutely AMAZING. If you have never heard a rock band do a cover of 90's and current Hip Hop music, this band should be the one to pop your little virgin ear's cherry. Words can't express how much I love this band. This week on top of their original songs, they filled my ears with Rihanna's "Pour it up".. Bell Biv Devoe's "Poison" Just to name a few. Split Tone is Jacksonville based and play all around the beach. Check out their music, bio, and upcoming show dates

Cherry Limeade

smooches with strangers

my sister and I... sauced

A day filled with people I love and fun is always a good day for me. I must say, today was a good day.
In case you didn't catch them all here are some places to check out for fine dining, drinks, and fun

Orsay Located at 3630 Park St website is you can find out more about the restaurant, and check out their delectable menu.

Off The Hook Bar and Grille 333 1st St N Jax, Beach "Like" them on facebook

The Pier Cantina and Sandbar 412 1st st N Jax beach visit their website for menu and events

And last be certainly not least the super bad ass band

Split Tone visit their website to listen to their music, learn more about the band, and when they play again (so YOU can be enlightened)

Making my dreams come true,