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My Fourteen Dollar OOTN.. The What, Where, and Why

If you follow this blog I'm sure you have figured out by now that Urban Outfitters is currently my favorite store. Yes, this is true *blissful sigh*.. But the reality is I do shop at other places as well. Another fav of mine is Plato's Closet. Plato's Closet is a store that offers trendy gently used (sometimes new) clothes to chicks and guys. They refresh their inventory by allowing you to bring your unwanted clothes to the store and they pay you. It's a modern day consignment shop. It's cool because you can put money in your pocket and shop at the same time.. or just do one or the other. You decide. Now, it's always been my philosophy that one doll's trash is another doll's treasure. So you would be pleasantly surprised at the things people don't want anymore. A MAJOR portion of my closet is constructed from Plato's Closet.

They randomly carry all the Urban Outfitters Brands, as well as American Apparel, Forever 21, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Steve Madden, just to throw a few brands out there.. I've even found Michael Kors there before. Yes, 98% of the items are used but who cares when your getting top brands for less than 20.00 a pop. Most of there tops average between $6-8 dollars, shoes and bottoms 6.00- $12.00. I mean come on! Who can beat that? Say what you want but I thrift and I'm not too proud to wear a used piece. A person will never know unless you tell them.

Here's a perfect example of my what I mean by what awesome finds you can find at this store. I had a casual dinner date last night, here is what I wore.

Floral Print Blouse Love 21 (Forever 21)

I wore my favorite B.D.G snake skin ballet flats.
 To accessorize the look I added a chunky chain necklace, stud earrings, menswear watch and several bangles. I got the coral color pants with today's purchases shown in the picture as well.

During my shopping extravaganza I also grabbed this faux leather sleeve and pocket Jessica Simpson Blouse.

My initial shopping total was about 24.00. But, there's MORE folks. Plato's Closet also offers a customer appreciation card. To sum it up they give you a blank card (its free) and you earn one stamp for every 10$ transaction. Example spend 30.00 get 3 stamps. After 30 stamps you can redeem the card for a 20% discount on your next purchase. They also give you an extra stamp if you elect to not use a store bag. (Go green). It seems like a lot of stamps to get but if you become addicted like me you can fill up a card pretty quickly.

My new card, 1 stamp for my purchase and another for not using a bag

 Today was my lucky day, I just so happened to have a card that was full from my last purchase there. Sooooo uh yeah I used it. (DUH) It knocked my total down to 18.84, taxes included! I'm not much of a mathematician but I got a whole outfit (that is cute) and blouse for less than 20.00... that's amazing! My look total (clothes only) was lass than 14.00. Now for a girl on a budget that can go a long way..  more than likely I will pair each of these pieces with something else to create a new look.

Now, I can't promise you that you find the exact outfit I'm wearing but you can surely find a similar look. They have everything imaginable to browse through. Make sure you have time because I always seem to find the best pieces when I take my time and go through the racks section by section. (Shopping addict, remember?)  If you're located in the Jacksonville Florida area they have three locations fairly close to each side of town.

(Regency Mall Area) 9400 Atlantic Blvd
(Avenues Mall Area) 10320 Shoppes Ln
(Orange Park Area) 6000 Lake Gray Blvd

If you are not in the Jacksonville area visit their website for more information about the store and to find one nearest you. I love the idea of this store because you can achieve any kind of look you desire and not break the bank doing it. If you find the right items you can look like a million bucks and no one will know you spent little of nothing.  Cheap doesn't always mean ragged. What can I say? I'm a high end and low end kind of girl.

Making my dreams come true,