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Little Known Facts About Me: Fashion Edition

If anyone knows me they know I have a very odd sense of fashion. I've tried to figure out my style type and someone suggested that it is "Sophisticated Rocker Chick.. on CRANK".. LOL! I could deal with that. Anyway, when it comes to my fashion/shopping habits here are 10 little known facts about me.

1.) I NEVER order less than 50.00 from (my favorite store). It KILLS me to have to pay 10.00 shipping on one item so I pay 50.00, get more items, and it gets shipped for free. Makes sense, right? o_O!

2.) I HATE brown shoes, handbags, and clothing. Really anything brown. WITH THE EXCEPTION of maybe a brown belt and of course my Louis Speedy Bag. You will only see me wearing tans,cognac, or a chestnut brown shoes and jackets. Always a variation of brown but never just... brown. NEVER brown clothes tho. It's such a blah color to me. Idk why it's just the way I am.

3.) My favorite brand at Urban Outfitters is B.D.G.. I like the fact that they have semi-basic pieces (that can be mixed and matched) and I LOVE their jeans. They fit my shape perfectly. In all honesty, I own more B.D.G bottoms than any other currently.

4.) I think leather bottoms faux or real are UBER dope. They can be dressed up with heels or rocked out with a pair of sneakers, soooo many choices. I think I have every leather bottom imaginable, skater skirts, pencil skirts, moto pants, leggings, shorts.. I just need some jogger shorts *wink*

5.) I shop year round for any season. Sometimes I buy something because I like it and stash it away for months until it serves a purpose in my fashion life. You wouldn't believe how many clothes I have never worn and/or still have tags on them. Sometimes I wear a new outfit that's really a year old. There is a time for everything and for me this includes my clothing. My philosophy, you never know when you will need it. Um, does that make me a hoarder?? lol

6.) I have tons of heels, but I prefer to wear flats and sneakers on a daily basis. I love chucks, vans, and I'm getting into keds. I have to be comfortable. My favorite flats are my Jeffrey Campbell snake skin flats, they are tanish color and they go with a lot. I save heels for when they are needed (dinner dates, clubbing, ect)

7.) I like short nails. Period. I have nothing against anyone who gets the talon claws. In my opinion short nails are classic, functional, and chic.. I often wonder how people with long nails wipe their ass *shivers* eeek.

8.) My current favorite color is neon yellow or citron yellow, it's bright, its an in color, and I love it.

9.) I believe in quality vs quantity. Nowadays "shopping" to me is not coming home with bags full of clothing ESPECIALLY if they are bullshit clothes. Yes, I said it BULLSHIT clothes. By bullshit I do mean clothes that are trendy yet made cheap and are cheap in price. Need me to clarify?.. okay Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Rainbow (cringes at the thought), ect. Let me declare, I absolutely ADORE Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe (I wont even mention the third) however, I only invest in certain pieces from these places NOT my entire closet. I don't judge anyone who does either. I'm just going to put it out there.. some of their clothing is cheaply made, shrinks on first wash, and are trendy pieces that are normally in for a year and a half tops. Also EVERYONE SHOPS THERE!!! Ugh. (A blog will be done on this). Your wardrobe is an investment. I will say it again. YOUR WARDROBE IS AN INVESTMENT. I have learned what splurge pieces are and what trendy pieces are. Trust me there is a major difference. To sum up what I'm saying, I'd rather spend my money on one to two pieces of quality that I will have a little short of forever versus money on ten things that I will be trashing in six months. I take my time, select pieces with meaning, and go from there. Sometimes I look at items for weeks to make sure I want to add them to my collection... and of course sometimes I have to wait for funds to be available (*points to self*stylish on a budget.. hellllooo). You should treat your wardrobe like the NBA/NFL draft, only select items of quality to be a part of your team (collection). Your appearance says tons about you.

Last but certainly not least

10.) I NEVER wear the same outfit twice. Let me emphasize. Again, I believe in quality over quantity. Therefore I splurge on staple pieces, and by staple I mean just that. EVERY female should have staple pieces of clothing that are never fail/ go to items to start an outfit with (when a fashion blank is drawn). For example, everyone should have a favorite pair of jeans, necklace, or jacket. These pieces can be mixed and matched with other pieces to complete a look. Now, with that being said I repeat I never wear the same outfit twice. YES, I do wear pieces several times, different ways, but never the same. Neeeeever. Do you HEAR ME!?! lol. Nothing makes me cringe more than to see a person post the same outfit in several pics on instagram or twitter. Not to worry I will be doing a blog on remixing pieces too. lol..

I hope my letting you inside of my little fashion posessed head inspired you. Remember these are things about me. I don't judge, I just know what I like. What's your favorite fact about me? What do you diagree with and why?

Making my dream come true,