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Lady Tiger In My Dream

Every night we dream, but there is always that one dream that sticks out and you remember the next morning. When I have dreams of the sort I am a firm believer that these are symbolic signs from God. My friends know this about me and always come to me with their wacky dreams asking me what I think they Shit I don't know.. I started looking into dream interpretation (actually became obsessed with it) and found a website called
. Very interesting stuff. It's fairly simple you dream of frogs, type it in their interpreter search engine and viola, you get an idea of what the "frog dream" you had could possibly have meant. Of course there are all kinds of books out there but this one is the easiest for me to access 24/7.
A few nights ago I dreamed of a beautiful tiger.. She was hiding under my bed and every time I went to get out of bed she came out to play. I was terrified because, um yeah.. it was a TIGER! She wasn't harmful but kept showing up in various places in my "dream house". Subconsciously it was clear that this tiger was trying to tell me something. It literally startled me out of my sleep. I immediately went to the site. Here's what website suggests the dream meant..

To see a tiger in your dream represents power and your ability to exert it in various situations. The dream may also indicate that you need to take more of a leadership role. Alternatively, the tiger represents female sexuality, aggression, and seduction."

I read that and really didn't need further explanation. I have been feeling really empowered and invincible lately. I have taken a leadership role in so much more when it comes to my life, everywhere from my son, my business, relationships I chose to have with people, and myself. I feel strong and positive. Most of all I feel beautiful. It later hit me that the lady tiger in my dream was a symbolic version of me.. I am woman hear me ROAR. lol. Corny but true..

What have you dreamed of lately?

Making my dreams come true,