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Just... Be

I constantly hear people say they hate where they are in life they should be here or there.. Hell I used to find myself saying it. I started telling myself .. "Just be". Meaning just be happy, just be sad, just be angry, just be broke, just be trying... Just be however you feel at that moment. That's all you can be, don't fight trying to be something other than what you feel/are doing. Telling myself this (just be) constantly has gotten me through SO much.

Example, have you ever been angry and just can't get out of the slump? What do you do? Eventually get out of it and come around to feeling better. Because no matter how hard you try, whatever made you angry is going to rekindle until you're over it. Perfect example of what I mean. Experiences and emotions are in place for a reason. Sometimes your SUPPOSED to be pissed that way you can appreciate happiness that much more. We call it appreciating the contrast. Embrace that "pissed offness" its okay, because it will transition into positive eventually.

Same goes for anything in life. Embrace WHATEVER it is you're going through because it will transition to the next phase, and this will happen when IT IS SUPPOSED TO no matter how hard you fight it. Wherever you are in life right now is where you are supposed to be. That's right, even if you're down in the lowest of lows embrace it... God Is preparing you for your next phase. If you're successful embrace it, if you're on the verge of love embrace it.. Whoever you are or whatever you're doing. Just be...

Making my dreams come true,