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Either tolerate me, or leave me alone...

One thing I have learned about people is that they don't change. Either you learn to tolerate their ways, or leave them alone. Plain and simple. We can pull that "oh, I've changed" crap, and we may switch it up for a while... but the person we were designed to be still lives inside. Eventually we will revert to our old  ways at some point in time. It is our foundation to be who we are. We evolve, but we don't change. Major difference. You just can't become something that you aren't.

I'm talking about myself as well, I'm just being real. I know I can be a handful and I still have people in my life who tolerate my ways. I am thankful for them. The one's that left just weren't meant to be here. I look at people who I have in my circle the same way. I have evolved as a person.. I've gone from being a girl to a woman. I've grown wiser and stronger. I have learned a lot and grown much as a human being. But at the end of the day I'm still Ashley. Easily aggravated, shit talking, crazy, outspoken, caring, big hearted Ashley. lol! Either love me or leave me alone.

Making my dreams come true,