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One thing I have to say about myself is that I'm a very intuitive person. I may be a goof ball but I have plenty of sense and I an very "in tune" with my inner self. I'm always looking for interesting things to read about when it comes to self growth, finances, and changing for the better. Any who, I few days ago my mom introduced me to a BEAUTIFUL site called "The Daily Love"... It was started by a man name Mastin Kipp. Long story short you subscribe to receive free emails every morning that give you positive words. I've been greeted with an email everyday this week, when I get to work I read it. I promise you all these are the most heartfelt messages I've ever read and they really make my heart smile to read them.

This week I've been inspired to redirect my life in so many ways, even to write a blog about this. I want to share a little sunshine with whoever I can reach. Don't take my word for it... sign up your self. You will love to receive your daily dose of love. TDL also has a twitter page filled with nothing but love... follow this awesome blog  on twitter @TheDailyLove  or Simply go to

Making my dreams come true,