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Today's quote from me to you "You will never be introduced to new opportunities if you keep a tight grip on your old ways"..

I felt inspired to talk about this today based on a situation in my own personal life. For a long time I wanted to do something "different" when it comes to my current employment status. I knew I wanted to start my own clothing store. For the longest I procrastinated and put off starting a store. I held onto what I was used to "I already have a job" "I'm comfortable" "it wont work" "I don't feel like it" "I don't have the time"... blah blah blah...
I was holding on to my same negative way for thinking and was getting the SAME results. Still unhappy with my employer, still feeling as if I was not living my dream. After getting out of my thoughts, In January of 2011 I started selling my first items on eBay.

Now, its really funny how long of a way my store has come to be what it is today. I really didn't have much money to buy items. I actually sold my own items on the site and sold items to Plato's closet for money (to by more things). I started off taking pictures with my camera phone of items laying on the floor. Guess what? I sold one item then more. Then I was given the opportunity to receive a free mannequin to put my items on. I went from there and eventually I was given the opportunity to be given a new digital camera. I now I have live models to photograph my items.

After a while, I got such a positive review from the items I was selling I was inspired to start styling people. Now that is another story but I overcame all type of personal barriers and opened up myself to receive more blessings and opportunities. By no means am I where I want to be as far as my new found career is concerned, but I have opened up myself to work towards having what I want.

The point of my story is in order to allow the universe to open up to you to receive more, you have got to step out of your comfort zone. Do things you have never done to get more of what you want in life. If you're in a relationship with someone but want more or feel you deserve different.. get out of that relationship. Mr or Mrs. Right will never have the opportunity to show up if you hold on the wrong person. Been wanting to start getting an education towards your career path? Get online or go to a school and enroll.. you will NEVER become whatever you want to be if you chose to allowing whatever reasons hinder you.

Today, promise to let loose of some old ways to allow in new opportunities. Even if its a small move, just do it. You will be happy you did.

Making my dreams come true,

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