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Detoxing 101: My thoughts.

I am done allowing toxic situations and people to be a part of my life. You have ONE time and I mean ONE time to show your ass and I'm out. One thing I've learned from toxins is that THEY DON'T STOP. It only gets worse. They will affect your life, dreams, family, friends, goals, and everything they can destroy along the way. Sometimes it isn't intentional, but negativity brings forth negativity.

You have to teach people how to treat you and sometimes leaving them alone is the best teacher. I honestly don't have time to teach a person how to treat me. If they don't already know, their loss. Me "peacing out" is the crash course in "The Book of Ashley". Quit holding onto toxins aka POISON. Detox!! You owe it to yourself.

Making my dreams come true,

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