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I always seem to run into good people who are into fashion and want to do more to express their talents. About a month ago I was having a consultation with a client and in walks his sister in law... I looked and looked again and realized that she was a chick I was really cool with in high school her name...Antrell Palmer.

We started catching up and realized we both LOVE thrifting and are into vintage looks. She is a mother of two and has a SERIOUS shopping problem lol. I started telling her about The Doll Clothing Shoppe and she mentioned she wanted to do it too (start an ebay store). Being how I am I offered her all the advice I could until I just said to hell with it.. I invited her over my house and we set up her eBay account and posted her first listings. She named her store "Trail Of Treasures"

I asked her to accompany me on my first photo shoot (that was a few days later) and she obliged. I even asked her to use some of the pieces we posted on her ebay site .. It didn't hit me until a few days ago that her boutique was my first hand experience at pulling clothes!..

Check out the items I used from her store and they are on sale right now..

Liz Claiborne Silk Jumpsuit

Floral Print Blazer
 Aun is an amazing girl, very sweet spirit, stylish, with a VERY keen eye for trendy vintage looks. Check her ebay store out NOW. Check out a few of the listings she has up right now. Super cute and her selections come in all sizes!

making my dreams come true,

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