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Meet Christina Denise

As you all may or may not know I own an online clothing store "The Doll Clothing Shoppe" Which specializes in new, used, and vintage finds. Anyway, I have been looking for a live model and I was blessed to be introduced to one during a photo shoot. Her name is Christina Denise. BEAUTIFUL girl with a fun loving spirit. We had so much fun on set I asked her to join my team and become the face of The Doll Clothing Shoppe. Check out some pictures I took and an interview I did with her during our first shoot for the store.

AT: How old are you?
CD: 20 years old

AT: How long have you been modeling?
CD: 2 years

AT: Why do want to do this?
CD: Ive always wanted to model every since I was young. I played dress up. I went in moms closet i used to take her heels to school.. *pause* But never wore them (lol)

AT: At what point did u realize u wanted this?
CD: 16..I realized how confident and beautiful I was, my personality has a natural flair, I did research on the ins and outs and background

AT: Whats the biggest job you've done thus far?
CD: The Blue Franswa comeback project  (That I styled for =D )

AT: What is your fashion taste?
CD: Depends on my mood

AT: What does fashion mean to you?
CD: Everyday life, you express yourself and appearance which goes hand and hand with your mood"

AT: Where do want to go with modeling?
CD: My pursuit is limitless!

Chrisitna is currently in school for English and Writing as her  major. Her minor is Business Management
Height is 5’8 weight 110lbs. Check out a a few of her professional photo shoots.

She is a freelance model looking for more opportunities. For booking call 904-402-7510 or locate her via Twitter @modelchristinad. Instagram: embracestina

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