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So, check this out.
A while ago I was told that life's purpose is about how you can be of a service to the world. Success is not about you but how many people you can touch through your journey.
When I first started
The Doll Clothing Shoppe I was like, hmmm I'm helping people by letting them select clothes that are high in quality but low in cost.. WRONG.

Since I have started
Ashley Tamarra Styling I have helped someone start their own ebay store (Antrell Palmer), Had a good friend of mine's necklace be feature in an upcoming magazine (Bold-and Kolorful-Fashions), Found the face/first model of The Doll Clothing Shoppe (Christina Denise)... Just to name a few.

A week ago I pulled shoes from (
Santerria Graves-Davis) mobile boutique "Shoe Vixens" and my client BOUGHT her shoes on site! I swear on everything I love it warmed my heart so much that I helped another person's business though what I did that day. Hell, I was more happy about selling the shoes than the woman liking the clothes I picked. I called her screaming with joy!

That day I had an epiphany, this is my calling. Helping other people's business and dreams come true through what I'm doing. If I let someone do my make-up you will here about it and they will be recommended. Jewelry? Yep! Whoever or whatever I come in contact with I want the world to know I did... and maybe just maybe, that person's business will blow and they can be in the flashing lights.... along with me! :)

I just want to say thank you all for your support, pom poms (my cheerleader lol
@RuthAshley), motivation talks, shit talking (Syd Davis), comments, and correspondence.
Making my dreams come true,

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