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I JUMPED.. Why I Quit My Job.

Um, Hi.. Whoah... who would've thought I would have actually gone almost 9 months without blogging!? I promise, its for a good cause. Here's what I've been up to.. *takes deep breath*


*Taps mic* is this thing on!?! Some of you may or may not be wondering where I have been. The obvious thing is not blogging. lol. Please excuse my absence. What I can tell you is that I have been working on other avenues in my life. Here's what.

Fashion Friday || 2015 Fall Trends

With a new season rolling in the fashion world has gone mad.. do this do that wear this wear that. I love it, however it can become quite overwhelming. It soooo much to keep up with, hell... I'm still trying to afford trends from last year. lol. So what do I do? I filter out all the outrageous shit and decide what can work for my wardrobe when it comes to personal style. Because let's be real, everything that is on the runway just isn't applicable to everyday life.. unless you're well... Rihanna. Anyway, I've compiled my top five favorite trends for the upcoming Fall season. Guys, don't worry I've got you covered too.

Best of Both